बुधवार, जनवरी 06, 2010

O no, NoT aGaIn..

ya, i was the one who abandoned this corner of web world !
I was the one to bid adieu..My blog represented a path of passion laden with troughs and mountains of millions emotions.
Then the year commenced and so did the story.

But what's happening to me now ? Is it a mere one off surge of emotions or is there more to it ?
I thought enough is enough..enough are the hues which existence painted on the canvas of my life, enough are the deceptions of heart, enough are the laughters and so does the tears..
But what now, dear deepak, what now ?
Rakesh bhai says after platonic love, came rejection but my journey is destined to move a step ahead in this path of pain..that is 'not selection.'
So is heart transgressing these borders to meet that vista now ?
no god, not this time..first voice is your voice, i know..
But sometimes i wonder what's the difference between you, our newsroom bosses n even my teachers.
For some known reasons you too have considered me more worthy than i really am and therefore put me in these treacherous ways of heart time and again.
Whatever may have been the final outcomes of these experiences but they've given one gift..see still song plays in my earphone- "sajda" n i meditate...

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