शुक्रवार, अप्रैल 09, 2010

I wIsH mY hEaRt 2 U wAs KnOwN..

I wish my heart to you was known.
With emotions deep.
I do keep within reach.

I can be distant at times.
But my mind is aware.
Who approaches with sincerity.
And a return of it,
I can and will share.

Without defense or fences seen.
To pop up suddenly...
From nowhere.
To be rude, indignant or mean.

I'm here to care.
But not just for anyone.
Nor do I seek perfection.
Not with the flaws,
I've yet to overcome.

It is not often that I meet someone...
Who can accept with forgiveness,
The unconsciousness of others.
And allow them time...
To correct what they have done.

I try not to sit with bitterness inside.
Knowing my pride could be hard to handle.
Since I overly protect a sensitive side.

A peace of mind I have.
And it was not easily obtained.
It took years in development.
To keep as is.
Proudly maintained.

Many times I have sat alone.
Amazed in the ways that I have grown.
And wishing someone knew,
My life the way I do!

Perhaps that's why I wish...
My heart to you was known.
I recognize your thoughtfulness!
And that...
Not too many can express.
In the way to me you have shown!

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  1. बेनामी08 जून, 2010

    Time present and time past, Are both contained in time future, And time future contained in time past..........hw apt na....gd bls

    जवाब देंहटाएं