शुक्रवार, अप्रैल 09, 2010

tHe RaIn Of PaiN..

A friend has sent this poem to me

What has the autumn done to us?
That endless wind, that heavy rain...

My eyes with tears and bitter pain.
It's over now, the autumn's game
though it hurts a lot
We could be happy, but we're not
Why is life so cruel and sad?
It's stolen happiness we've had

when heartache appears in our lives
we are forced to face bittersweet truths
we are reminded that within each challenge
there is always a higher offering
although hidden from our view
we must raise our thinking, open our hearts
and recognize that we are being called to a new stage in life,
a higher calling, a new dimension in life
unfamiliarity can be frightening
and new paths look uncertain.
but what is life, if not a journey into the wondrous unknown?
look around...grace and beauty can still be found within pain.
the only lock,keeping us trapped or blind or stuck is fear.
the only cage is the condition of our minds.

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